Have your golf grips "lost that loving feeling"? 

Improve your golf game by improving your grip....instantly



Why Gotta-Grip®?

One of Gotta-Grip®'s greatest benefits is creating grip confidence which leads to swing confidence.

Most teaching professionals recommend having only one swing thought when addressing a shot. Confidence in your grip means the golfer can focus on other important elements in his or her swing. 


Good shots begin with a good grip

After playing a few rounds with newly re-gripped clubs, they begin to lose that new grip feel.

Gotta-Grip® can extend the new grip feel for as long as you own those clubs.

Easy to use!



  • Unique system that provides instant "grip" results

  • Won't let debris in to contaminate product

  • Won't evaporate

  • Convenient to carry....it clips to your golf bag

  • Water resistant

  • Durable

  • Competitively priced

  • Non-Toxic

  • Won't stain

  • No odor



I have been putting off re-gripping my golf clubs for a long time. When I tried Gotta-Grip®, I realized this exercise would be unnecessary. I can now provide the feel of new grips conveniently right there on the golf course or driving range. This is a device that will be hanging on my golf bag from here on out. I would recommend this to all golfers!
— Glenn Sagendorph, Grayslake, IL
The first time I used the Gotta-Grip® on my driver, the club seemed like it was gripping me back. Now I can hold my clubs with a gentle squeeze and still get that good solid feeling of being perfectly connected throughout the swing. I let one of my golfing partners try the Gotta-Grip and he said, “it feels like a good strong handshake, doesn’t it?”
— J. Davidson, Dallas, TX
At first I was doubtful that the product would do what it was supposed to. Boy was I wrong; it worked great. I used the Gotta-Grip® on an old set of clubs a week ago...The Gotta-Grip® is still working after 3 rounds of golf.
— Billy R., LeRoy, WV
As soon as I received the Gotta-Grip® in the mail, I thought what a great idea and used it on my old driver. It worked perfectly....To date, this has been the most effective product I have had the opportunity to test.
— Terry C., Pittsburgh, PA

*Testimonials are from volunteer testers at PGA Tour Partners at Gotta-Grip®’s inception.