Invented by a PGA Tour Partners Club Life Member, Gotta-Grip® is the world’s first patented on-course grip restorer of its kind! It is a perfect solution to worn grips.


Gotta-Grip® contains a specially designed polymer that can restore a tacky new grip feel when you need it.

It is very effective in adverse conditions such as high heat, humidity and wet grips.




We've tested the application on composite, leather and rubber grips (some as old as 50 years) with excellent results.

Many higher end golf grips have excellent tackiness since they are made with softer material. However that same softness causes them to wear out sooner. That is when it is good to have your Gotta-Grip® handy.

In addition to delivering grip consistency, reducing missed shots, building confidence, and restoring trust in your swing, Gotta-Grip® has these other great features:

  • Unique system that provides instant "grip" results

  • Won't let debris get in and contaminate the product

  • Won't evaporate

  • Convenient to carry…It clips onto your golf bag

  • Water-resistant

  • Durable

  • Competitively Priced

  • Non-toxic

  • Won't stain

  • No odor

  • Makes a great gift for the golfer on your list