What is Gotta-Grip®?

Gotta-Grip® is a patented tube delivery system for delivering a specially formulated “tackifier” of soft consistency to golfers grips for better control and swing confidence.

How do I use it? 

Insert the club handle into the star slit end of the Gotta-Grip®. Twist and squeeze to apply the product.

What’s in it? 

It contains a specially blended polymer that acts as a tackifier. It is safe, non toxic and will leave no lasting residue on your club or hands.

How much do I apply? 

How much to apply is dependent on playing conditions, condition of the player's grips and personal preference. A little experimenting when you first start using Gotta-Grip® will soon enable you to "dial in" the correct amount of product to apply.

How Long does Gotta-Grip® Last? 

That depends on how often it is used. Our experience indicates it will last well beyond a season.

Do I need it on every shot and on every club?

The short answer is probably not. Our experience has shown Gotta-Grip® is not often used on putters although it certainly can be. Next to putters, the most frequently used clubs are driving woods and short irons where you will probably use it the most. The "new club feel" of Gotta-Grip® does not wear off immediately after one swing so it is unlikely you will need to apply the product with each swing. However, it is up to the player's personal preference how much and how often to use Gotta-Grip®.

Is there an optimum temperature range that it works within?

Since the primary tackifier is a polymer it becomes less malleable in colder temperatures. Gotta-Grip® is most effective at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. As temperatures rise less squeeze and twist is necessary to produce good results.

Will it go bad if I don’t use it for an extended period of time? 

Gotta-Grip® has an extremely long shelf live measured in years, due to the physical characteristics of the polymer.

Does it work with all golf grips? 

We have tested Gotta-Grip® on chord, composite, leather, rubber and soft rubber grips with good results. Less product per application is needed on leather and soft rubber to be effective.