When golfing in adverse conditions or with worn grips, use Gotta-Grip® and instantly enhance your grip. Gives any club that “new grip feel” in seconds!


"In Alabama, the summers are hot and humidity is high; you can sweat standing still. This item was excellent in making your grips tacky and improving feel and grip."  

- Kyle J.,  Trussville, AL

"A very good product that every golfer should try.  Very effective when hands are moist or clammy.  Better traction, better control."  

- John L., Oro Valley, AZ

"After my second day of using Gotta-Grip®, I had my best round ever.  Good product, good price."  

- Richard T.,  Brunswick, ME

"Before I started my round of golf, I used the Gotta-Grip® on all my clubs and they lasted for the full 18 holes.  Gloves are not needed."  

- Charles K.,  Gladwin, MI

"During wet, humid conditions Gotta-Grip® added stability to the club grip, keeping the club from turning even with a relaxed grip.  This was particularly noted when not wearing a glove and while putting."  

- Robert B.,  Orange Park, FL

"Easy to use, can use the club immediately after application with instant results.  [Gotta-Grip®] can get you additional time with existing grips before replacing them."  

- Ed T.,  Rochester, NY

"For recreational golfers like me who do not re-grip their clubs every year, this works great!"  

- Kenneth W.,  Calhoun, GA

"Gotta-Grip® helped me with improved club grip tackiness; helping me control the ball better.  The gripping ability and confidence it gives you is well worth the price."  

- Ronald H.,  Manchester, NH

"I play 4 - 5 rounds a week in steamy Florida.  Gotta-Grip® improved my feel for the clubs I used it on.  The tackiness it added to my grips made it easier to control the club."  

- Larry H.,  Ft. Myers, FL

"I had two friends try it on their clubs. They were amazed at how it brought their clubs back to life."  

- Ken A.,  Hodgenville, KY

"Gotta-Grip® works well on worn grips and it doesn't leave your hands sticky.  I also like the fact that you can put as much or as little on your grips as you want".  

- Tim C.,  Trotwood, OH


*Testimonials from volunteer equipment testers at PGA Tour Partners. Gotta-Grip® received an approval rating of 90%...one of the highest ratings ever achieved by any product other than a golf club.